Saturday, July 21, 2012

Marina with a little Konad

Let me just start off by saying...I kinda forgot I had a blog. Once it hit me and I remembered "oh yeah...I used to spend a lot of time on the internet and looking at nail blogs", I felt slightly guilty. Not that anyone actually reads this or follows this, but it used to be a nice little outlet or a way for me to be super excited about my polish when I knew no one else (the boyfriend) cared. SO I'm going to TRY to make an attempt to start this back up..again. Even though I say that or think that after every post. Then I go several months without posting again. This shits hard. No joke.

Here is just some polish eye candy for you. I didn't really like Marina by Zoya. I mean I LOVE the formula and the fact that its shimmery and the glitter is so fine. But the color itself was just "meh" for me. Probably because I'm trying to wear it in the middle of the summer. I might grab it again in the fall and/or winter. But for now it's just "meh".

I tried to add a little Konad to spice it up. Still meh lol. But now I think the Konad was a little bit too much. I should have just left it as a accent nail.

The second picture came out a little bit lighter for some reason. But it is more true to the color.

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