Saturday, August 18, 2012

More CND

I've been on a CND kick lately and have been purchasing quite a few bottles since I loved the first one so much. The effects ones are pretty and can be layered with just about anything. They're a lot more noticeable in natural sunlight than in the pictures.

Can you see it? I's kinda hard. But in the light, you can kinda see shimmer specks of purple and blue. So I used Zoya Ibiza and then layered it with CND effects #561 Sapphire Sparkle. You can use pretty much anything though and it will still look amazing. I want to pick up some more of the effects polishes! They're so addicting.

Zoya Trixie

There's been a push on metallic polishes, and last Christmas it seemed like everyone came out with a ton of glitters. Out of all the metallic ones, I'm in love with Zoya's. 1 coat is all you need. Trixie just reminds me of a night in Vegas or something. I don't know why. My only problem with this polish is that I did notice super fine glitter all on my hand that was impossible to remove even after washing my hands several times. I's like the crap get imbedded in my hand or something.

It was so hard to take a picture of this indoors at night. I'll probably be repainting it to this color again soon and then retaking the pictures. But until then, here are these.

........and some beer. Which I highly recommend. It's flippin' delicious

Friday, August 17, 2012

We just need some passion

I don't know about you guys, but it has been one crazy hot summer here. Seriously.  I know I shouldn't complain that it's so hot, but it really is stinkin' hot. Granted, my definition of hot is going to be completely different than someone who lives in...let's say California or Texas. But for Washington, it's crazy. I can't even remember the last time it rained out here. So in celebration of the beautiful weather, I took a nice little trip to Coscto to buy some beer. And while I was there I stumbled across some tasty things in the area where the liquor is kept.

Doesn't that look good? Now after trying does have too much of a banana taste for me. I added a little bit of club soda to make it spritzy and all in all, it was pretty good.

They say that one bag is equal to a 1.75l bottle of regular malibu. Either way, it's delicious.

Now back to nails. While on my way to Coscto, I took some pictures of my mani when I was in the car (definitely not while I was driving). I have Orly's Passion Fruit which is a bright pink. Almost like my neon pink by Sinful Colors. You know...the one that is just called "Pink"? Anyways. And then I topped off my mani with CND Effects in #564 Amethyst Sparkle. Which if you haven't tried any of CND's polishes, they are AMAZING. I had a hard time finding them for the longest time. They have it at some beauty supply stores and salons. Check them out if you can.