Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm in need....

...of a little inspiration. I've been playing around with some untried polishes to hopefully get an idea for a design. No luck. Sad panda. Then I went with my go to color OPIs DS Original and had a cute konad stamp design. BUT my camera was acting like a jerk and decided that it didn't want to properly take pictures and most of the ones I took came out blurry. Sad sad panda.

But I will swatch my newest addition to my collection. I've been really impressed with Sally Hansen lately. Not only are they pretty cheap, the polishes aren't too bad. And there's a nice selection of colors. Here's is Deep Blue Sea from the Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear line. I like it....a dusty shimmery blue.

Oh my gahhhh yes, my ring finger is bleeding. I have a bad habit of cutting my cuticles...and I had an accident. Then when I went to go take my nail polish of....ahhhhhh it burned so bad.

And here is just a bonus picture...because I like beer.

 Have a fabulous day! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Come To Poppy....

OPI has the CUTEST names....let me tell you. Whoever is making up this stuff is a genius. Anyways....on with the important stuff. Come To Poppy is this really pretty pink with silver/white shimmer to it. A bit hard to see in the actual photos. But trust me, it's there and it's lovely. Then of course I had to stamp it with one of my Bundle Monster plates. I used BM-223 for this. Ignore the pinky nail...I kinda missed my nail and got the image on my finger. >.<

Perfect Barbie Pink

Why hellllooooo :)
So in honor of pink Wednesday and my first blog post on this page ::drum roll please:: here is one of my FAVORITE pinks from this last summer. First of all, let me start out by saying that I love love love Zoya polishes. I was introduced to them a few months ago when Jules was included in my Birchbox. Ever since then, it's been love at first swatch. So this pretty little thing is Kiki. Super bright pink with tiny pinkish silver glitter. The glitter is so fine, there is no problems with application or removal. It's pretty opaque and you only really need one coat. I did 2 out of habit. Then for fun, I used my Konad stamping plates and stamped my thumb with a cute kitty and my ring finger with a flower. Like I said, I had no issues with the glitter when removing. All in all, I love this polish.