Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm in need....

...of a little inspiration. I've been playing around with some untried polishes to hopefully get an idea for a design. No luck. Sad panda. Then I went with my go to color OPIs DS Original and had a cute konad stamp design. BUT my camera was acting like a jerk and decided that it didn't want to properly take pictures and most of the ones I took came out blurry. Sad sad panda.

But I will swatch my newest addition to my collection. I've been really impressed with Sally Hansen lately. Not only are they pretty cheap, the polishes aren't too bad. And there's a nice selection of colors. Here's is Deep Blue Sea from the Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear line. I like it....a dusty shimmery blue.

Oh my gahhhh yes, my ring finger is bleeding. I have a bad habit of cutting my cuticles...and I had an accident. Then when I went to go take my nail polish of....ahhhhhh it burned so bad.

And here is just a bonus picture...because I like beer.

 Have a fabulous day! :)

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