Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zoya Trixie

There's been a push on metallic polishes, and last Christmas it seemed like everyone came out with a ton of glitters. Out of all the metallic ones, I'm in love with Zoya's. 1 coat is all you need. Trixie just reminds me of a night in Vegas or something. I don't know why. My only problem with this polish is that I did notice super fine glitter all on my hand that was impossible to remove even after washing my hands several times. I's like the crap get imbedded in my hand or something.

It was so hard to take a picture of this indoors at night. I'll probably be repainting it to this color again soon and then retaking the pictures. But until then, here are these.

........and some beer. Which I highly recommend. It's flippin' delicious

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