Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jade is the new black

Between work and cleaning around my place, my hands and cuticles are basically shot. They are so dry it almost hurts! I've bought a ton of different lotions and a couple different cuticle oils to try and bring my hands back to until then, I'll try and still put up nail posts. I did make a trip to Lush a couple days ago and picked up a bath gift, Lemon Flutter cuticle butter, and Cupcake face mask. Soooo flippin' excited. I also got a couple polishes at Ulta that were on clearance. If you ever go into Ulta, definitely check out their clearance area. Most of the time, you can find some polishes that are limited edition/seasonal and they're a couple bucks cheaper.

So I swatched Jade is the new black by OPI....which is one that I got on clearance at Fred Meyer a couple months ago. The color looks like the name, a jade green. It's kinda creamy with no shimmer or anything fancy in it. Would look nice with a matte top coat over it.

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