Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MAC Glitter and Ice

I was so giddy Monday when I received my little black box from MAC. I had been looking forward to their holiday collection for a while now. I didn't actually get a chance to open up everything and play around with it until tonight.

Wahhhhhhh I'm so disappointed. I bought 2 paint pots in Let's Skate and Morning Frost and then 1 lipstick in Double Spin. The description online made them sound so pretty and I was totally excited to try them out.

 oooooo ahhhhhhh the packaging is so shiny.

Let's talk about the lipstick first. Double Spin, described as "Pale mauve pink (Cremesheen)". It's very nude and would probably look better on some with very fair skin. Definitely not me.

Please tell me why MAC decided to make their lipsticks look like a tampon....
Well anyways...the swatch on my hand doesn't make it look too bad. It just looks like a shimmery slightly glossy color. WRONG. When I put it on my lips (I didn't even want to take a picture...it was that bad), it made me look dead. It showed every line and flaw on my lips. Completely disgusting.

Next are the paint pots. I've been really loving MAC's paint pots. I didn't get a chance to pick up the ones I wanted from the last collection that had a butt load of these. I looked at some of other people's pictures online at these...didn't seem too bad.

They look so pretty in the pot. Morning frost is gorgeous. I love it. It's a very warm brown and can go with every neutral eye. Let's Skate is not too bad....my only problem with it was the texture along with the huge chunks of glitter that you can't/don't see until you actually swatch it. It's very pale and chalky and it doesn't work well with my skin tone.

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