Sunday, November 27, 2011

Swimsuit....Nailed It!

I'm.....such a slacker. ::sniff sniff:: I can't believe it's almost December! I'm excited for Christmas and all the holiday smells. Is that weird? I don't even care about gifts...I just like the smell of the holidays. haha....yeah now thinking about it, it's pretty weird.
So...on to the polish. I had to admit though, I've been slacking there too. I haven't painted my nails in over a week (which is very unlike me). I tend to be pretty OCD when it comes to my nails and having chipped nail polish. It's either all on there or none at all. But I've been lazy and letting myself go. So, Swimsuit...Nailed It! by OPI is a shimmery vibrant blue. Only needed 1 coat. I have heard some people complain about it staining their nail...had no problem with it. I always use a base coat just in case. I also heard complaints about the glitter being hard to remove. Again, I had no issues. I use pure acetone to remove polish and I find that I use less and it's a bit cheaper.

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